Due to our diverse geographical location between boreal forest, foothills and parkland natural areas, Whitecourt and Woodlands County are home to numerous species of songbirds, birds of prey and water birds.  Come see the majestic Trumpeter Swan, Great Blue Heron, Black-Throated Green, Cape May, Bay Breasted Warblers, Northern Goshawk, Northern Pygmy Owl, Bald Eagle, and Belted Kingfisher to name a few.

Viewing areas include:

◾Hard Luck Canyon,
◾E.S. Huestis Demonstration Forest,
◾Forest Interpretive Centre and Heritage Park,
◾Groat Creek,
◾Carson Pegasus Provincial Park,
◾Riverboat Park,
◾Goose Lake,
◾Fort Assiniboine.

For more information call the Whitecourt Visitor Information Centre at 1-800-313-7383.


Whitecourt and Woodlands County are home to many great fishing spots!  Depending on where you fish, you can reel in many different types of game fish, from Northern Pike to Walleye, Yellow Perch to Lake Whitefish.

Locally stocked lakes and fishing areas:

◾McLeod Lake: Rainbow Trout
◾Little McLeod Lake: Northern Pike, Whitefish
◾Rotary Park Pond: Rainbow Trout (stocked)
◾Emerald Lake: Rainbow Trout (stocked)
◾Schumann Lake: Rainbow Trout (stocked)

The Athabasca and McLeod Rivers also offer great fishing, as well as many smaller rivers and creeks in the area.  Windfall, Groat, Christmas Creek and several others, have game fish such as athabasca rainbow trout, grayling, pike, walleye, mountain whitefish and northern pike.

For more information on local fishing opportunities, visit www.mywildalberta.com.


If you are a hunter, the Whitecourt and Woodlands County region is the place for you!  Our area boasts a variety of big game trophy hunting for elk, moose, mule deer and whitetail deer.

We also have excellent opportunities to hunt for bear, wolves, and even cougars.  There is also a variety of game bird species, including geese and ducks.  We truly do have some of Alberta's finest hunting.

Hunting draws are done in June annually for hunting across the province.  Apply to Alberta Sustainable Resource Development for the opportunity to hunt for a variety of species of big game.  For more information visit www.mywildalberta.com.

Hog Wild Specialties:

Here is a challenge for even the most skilled hunter....wild boar!  Hog Wild Specialties is located outside Whitecourt and offers wild boar hunting via tree stands, ground blinds, or the more traditional route and with a Class A Guide.  Boars range from yearling to fully developed adults with tusks and you can even rent crossbows for the hunt.  After the hunt they can also provide you with cutting and wrapping assistance.  Camping facilities are available nearby.  For more information check out their website www.hogwild.ab.ca.