Thanks to the volunteer efforts of club members, the Trailblazers look after an extensive network of trails covering approximately 420kms in the Whitecourt area. The Trailblazers work in partnership with Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, Woodlands County and the Town of Whitecourt.

Joining the Trailblazers is easy. When purchasing a Trail Pass, you can also purchase a Trailblazers' Annual Club Membership for $20/person or family. 


The Trailblazers Club is one of the largest clubs in Alberta and is one of the busiest. For further information on the club, its accomplishments and additional history.

  • You'll be joining a community of individuals who love the sport
  • You'll be part of a social club that gives back to the community
  • You'll be supporting local trail maintenance and grooming
  • You'll be meeting new riders and making new friends

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